PostHeaderIcon 2014 Strategic Execution Conference

Linking Strategy to Execution through Innovative Techniques

This year’s Strategic Execution Conference takes place on Oct 21-22 at the Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara.

This is the world’s premier event focused on improving the way organizations and their teams execute strategy, with keynotes and 32 presentations combining thought leadership and new ideas with latest industry practices and case studies in three tracks:

  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Bridging Execution
  • Executing Excellence.









The Strategic Execution Conference is designed for:

  • Senior and rising leaders from established or growing global enterprises relying on innovation and technology for success
  • Stanford Advanced Project Management (SAPM) program students and graduates
  • Managers of large programs and portfolios

The conference also helps deepen the connection the many Stanford Advanced Project Management (SAPM) graduates and participants have with the program and each other by providing an environment to showcase new ideas, foster continual learning and network with the best in strategic execution.

Are you involved in execution of your company’s strategy?

Whether you are the head of the PMO or the CIO; work for a global tech company; or an organization from a robust industry such as financial services, energy, manufacturing or others – this conference is for you.

Details and Registration

For more details on this unique event and to register, go to

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