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I’m an instructor, coach, facilitator and consultant in project, program and portfolio management. I’ve been involved in projects one way or another since the mid-80s.


The first half of my career was mostly spent in actually managing projects, while the second half has focused more on providing project management services. Since 1997 I have created and delivered numerous project management training programs, from fundamentals through to advanced level, devised and facilitated project planning and strategy execution workshops, and developed and implemented project, program and portfolio management methodologies.


Project management solutions and skills development for over 60 organizations including:-

      ABB, ASML, Barclays, Cathay Pacific, Citigroup, Daimler Chrysler, DBS Bank, DiGi,


      First Data, GE, HP, Ingersoll-Rand, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Motorola,


    Nokia, OCBC Bank, Reuters, Shell, Singapore Stock Exchange, US Forces Korea.


Here’s a summary of my somewhat nonlinear path to ‘now’…

I took a BSc in Engineering at university but at that time had rather more interest in becoming a professional musician. After graduation I took a year out playing jazz clubs near London. I put everything into it – I practised all day and played in the band all night. It was fun but didn’t pay – I was living on the bread line. I learned a lot about commitment and adversity. Finally I went broke and had to shift focus.

To make ends meet, I joined a consultancy at the forefront of computer-aided engineering (CAE) using finite element analysis, which at that time was an emerging technology. I focused on vehicle design and development and ran projects for all the car manufacturers in Europe. I soon discovered I loved the work, so music progressively took a back seat – I was still working all day and all night but now I was getting well paid for it. I got to specialize in running crash simulations on supercomputers which was really pushing the boundaries then, so I was on a pretty steep learning curve.

BT60YMy passion for racing then took me into Formula One – the realization of a dream I’d had since 12 years of age when I used to sit at home doing technical drawings of my own race car designs. I introduced CAE to several grand prix teams and figured out how to get the software to model carbon composite structures effectively. I was lucky to work with some extraordinarily talented people and learned a lot about the power of small cohesive teams. It was invigorating and huge fun to be at leading edge of design know-how in a very dynamic environment – but I came to realize that I didn’t want to spend my life as an engineering analyst.

A chance phone call led to a lucky break into management, working in Paris. I was tasked with running the Southern Europe arm of a global consulting business – I soon discovered there’s not much that’s more challenging than moving to a new business in a foreign country amid an economic recession. I learned the hard way about profit and loss, selling, managing people and leadership.  I did an MBA while I was there, lived and breathed French for 6 years and got some serious multi-cultural exposure. It was terrific experience but I needed a change.

A trip to Asia opened up new opportunities and in 1997 I accepted an offer to move to Singapore to help set up a project management services firm – the first to offer a fully comprehensive suite of PM training and consulting solutions in Asia. We started with a small but very effective team and took on anything that spelt project, program or portfolio management. With a market that was starting to expand rapidly, it was a successful formula.

As the company grew over the next 10 years I got involved in every aspect of the business: leading consulting engagements, developing training programs, creating consulting products and services, doing pre-sales, delivering seminars, hiring staff and managing across multiple cities. I had the opportunity to work with some tremendous clients and in very challenging engagements spanning all aspects of project-program-portfolio management, including methodology customization, toolset creation and skills development.

In 2008 I decided to operate independently and moved to the Gold Coast, Australia. Which is where I write this from today. I continue to provide project-program-portfolio consultancy, design training programs, deliver workshops and speak at conferences for a number of organizations around the world… and still love music and racing.

Live loudly!

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